Hello everybody

There is - unfortunately - not much here, yet.

But I am aware of the fact, that there are a lot of people out there that would like to see Karopapier.de in English.

So if you are interested in a translation, please (if you have a login) post to this board or simply send an email to so I can see, how urgent the need is :-)

In the meantime, maybe you find something useful in the KaroWiki where a couple of people provide English translations of some pages.

See you soon,

Brought to you by Didi

Letzter Satz im Chat:
kili (22:39): Immerhin gibt's mindestens 4 Karonauten, die es gelegentlich *benutzen*. Haette ja sein koennen, dass jemand von denen zufaellig irgendwelche Manpages glesen und zufaelliger sachdienliche Hinweise gesehen und nicht vergessen hat