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Sparti 2006-07-27 21:45:11

Does that mean, he can be elected onther time

quabla 2006-07-27 14:54:34

Madeleine 2006-07-26 23:11:12
Well, other jokes say he wasn't elected twice ... he became president at least ONCE without being elected.

constitution mfisch 2006-07-26 19:49:33
The US Constitution prohibits Bush from being re-elected.  He is limited to two 4-year terms as President.  However, he does have a brother in Florida!!!

Madeleine 2006-07-26 13:28:27

Hmm... Didi 2006-07-26 11:48:34
Unfortunately, I do not really believe the "all".....

The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain
of Sexually Transmitted Disease. The disease is contracted through dangerous and
high-risk behavior. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim and is pronounced
"gonna reelect him." Many victims contracted it in 2004, after having been
screwed for the past four years.

Cognitive characteristics of individuals infected include: antisocial
personality disorders, delusions of grandeur with messianic overtones, extreme
cognitive dissonance, inability to incorporate new information, pronounced
xenophobia and paranoia, inability to accept responsibility for own actions,
cowardice masked by misplaced bravado, uncontrolled facial smirking, ignorance
of geography and history, tendencies towards evangelical theocracy, categorical
all-or-nothing behavior.

Naturalists and epidemiologists are amazed at how this destructive disease
originated only a few years ago from a bush found in Texas.

news mfisch 2006-07-25 20:56:04
It is big news here, since we all hate our President and we like to wait until he makes a fool of himself.

Unbelievable Didi 2006-07-25 13:36:36

Obviously, the whole thing is only an American Top Story. Nobody in Germany read or heard about it (except for those BILD-Fans (our German yellow press highlight)).

Poor Angie... first all the World Cup excitement, and now Dubya... she's really having a hard time


aaah! Incognitinchen 2006-07-25 13:16:53
For the non-informed: http://www.netzeitung.de/internet/426103.html

Don't worry, I think Angie will survive this little blackout. I haven't heard of the affair before, so I don't think it's a big subject in germany...

öhm... Incognitinchen 2006-07-25 13:07:33
did I miss out on something? What do you mean?

Entschuldigung mfisch 2006-07-24 17:13:29
I sincerely apologize for our president molesting your Prime Minister.  I did not vote for him.  He is an idiot.

(google german version):

"Ich entschuldige mich herzlichst für unseren Präsidenten, der deinen Chancellor belästigt.  Ich wählte nicht für ihn.  Er ist ein Idiot. "

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